Cummins Station
209 Tenth Avenue South, Suite 505
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
United States
Tel: +1-615-564-2580 (Call)
Fax: +1-615-564-2585

Justin Bridgewater

Agent - Nashville/New York

Nick Meinema

Agent - Nashville/Toronto
Senior Vice President - Nashville

Lance Roberts

Vice President - Nashville

Nashville Mgmt/Administration

Chairman, USA

Gavin O’Reilly

CEO and General Counsel, U.S.A.

Natalia Nastaskin

Executive Assistant

Ron Perks

Chief Financial Officer, U.S.A.

Ron Bleiweiss

Director of Marketing

Eddie Clemens

Group Financial Controller, U.S.A.

Jay Vosler

Senior Vice President, Nashville

Nick Meinema

Artist Brand Alliance – Brand Integration

Brian Dubin

Assistant to Brian Dubin

Alaina Latona

Tour Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Desiree Pappenshceller

Tour Marketing Assistant

Gina Tiftikidis

Accounts Assistant

Merje Ojasalu


Connor Singletary