Based in New York, the Department’s roster is home to top-level characters from the worlds of film, TV, and music, with A-list roster including Quincy Jones, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Al Pacino and Richard Branson and more. With a reputation for creating new and interesting ways for talent to develop platforms and enhance their brand, the Speakers and Lecture Department is led by The Agency Group’s Vice President, Betsy Berg (who joined The Agency Group after a 20-year stint as the head of the Lectures Department at both the Williams Morris Agency and ICM). Betsy is an expert at delivering top tier talent for buyers and creating unforgettable experiences for audiences across the globe. She works diligently in creating novel ways for talent to develop their platforms and enhance their brand. Some recent highlights have included Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone at the London Palladium, Oprah’s Canadian tour and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Down Under tour.


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