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Artist Bio

David Choe was born (1976) and raised in Los Angeles. He is one of the most diverse and prolific artists working today and one of the youngest artists to ever have solo show at the MOCA. His art shown has been shown on every surface; from canvases to human bodies to third world war torn walls. His art can be found in every facet of society, from galleries, museums, t-shirts, shoes, movies, billboards, cars, murals, buildings, from New York City to the Congo, Africa to everywhere in between.

David has spoken and lectured at Princeton, DUKE, Dartmouth and other art colleges, he works in every medium, and can paint anything and everything as well as on anything and everything. He has designed and created fine art, murals, movie sets, movie posters, album covers, shoes, t-shirts, toys, calendars, commercials, cars, magazines, books, illustrations for porn and children’s story books, comics, and animation. He has curated art shows, art directed books and magazines, as well as self-publishing all his own books which have all won numerous awards.

He has traveled, train hopped and hitchhiked all over the world many times over, spreading his art and stories. His art is now in museums and galleries but he still sells art out of his parents’ garage and his mini van.