Tim Borror

Tim Borror


Senior Vice President - New York


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Tim Borror is a Vice President in the New York office of The Agency Group. In this role, Borror is responsible for discovering promising new talent, developing careers for his roster of artists and booking large scale tours for some of today’s most influential bands including Black Label Society, Clutch, Danzig, GWAR, Hatebreed, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God and Opeth just to name a few. Borror’s impressive career in the music business spans nearly two decades of creating success stories for industry veterans, as well as for relatively unknown bands. After briefly studying economics at Drexel University, Borror turned to pursuing his dream of cultivating a career in the music industry. In 1993, he founded All Access Booking and was then hired as an agent at major boutique agency Artist and Audience in 1994. Its there, Borror’s career began to skyrocket as he learned the mechanics and developed his skills while seizing opportunities to book much larger tours for his acts throughout North America. By 1997, Borror was able to leverage his experience and connections to bring momentum to the bands he was passionate about. He took a break from the agency world and worked on the management side of things where he took his understanding of the music business to new levels. Eventually that road took him back into the agency world and after working at Rave Booking from 1999 to 2000, Borror founded Face the Music Touring, which he left in 2005 to join The Agency Group. Throughout his career, Borror has acquired a reputation for being a tastemaker by relying on his ears to identify talent and then guiding that talent out of relative obscurity and developing them into significant artists, with healthy, consistent touring careers. Today, Borror continues to do what he does best, reinventing, developing, and prolonging the careers of a number of bands through relating to his artists and understanding their vision to take everyone’s career paths to new heights. Borror currently resides is Palmyra, New Jersey. When he is not guiding the touring careers of the bands on his roster, Borror enjoys automobile racing, riding motorcycles, fishing, and spending time with his son Sebastian and long-time partner Andrea.
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